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10 months ago

hi hi hi i know i haven’t been here in ages and idek if anyone is still active on here because it’s been foreverrrr but i’m now ~twirlyboo and quite lonely so come and talk to me there pleeease? :) xoxox

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Morning Fluff: Yakini, a newborn baby gorilla at the Melbourne Zoo, is no fan of a cold stethoscope.
Full disclosure: These pics were taken in 1999. Yakini now is fully grown.
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Alistair Brownlee crosses the finish line in Hyde Park after a blistering run in the triathlon. Photograph: Tim Wimborne/Reuters
Alistair Brownlee wins gold
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Strong inside but you don’t know it.
Good little girls, they never show it.

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heheee!! my cat does this!!
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cappies is back. :)

3 years ago
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5:22pm. i still have not slept. ahhhh, HSC is getting fun. one major work down, one to go! caaaaaan’t wait.